Hearing Creates Opportunities

“Hearing the Call” is a nonprofit campaign bringing hope and healing to the hearing-impaired locally and globally.  Through quality healthcare, we help people connect with family, education, and opportunities.

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We’re on a mission

to change this:

360 MILLION people worldwide have a disabling hearing loss… 32 MILLION are children. In developing countries, those children find themselves with lack of education, opportunities, or even a future. Adults with hearing loss find themselves isolated in their communities, unable to work, and are more likely to suffer from depression. The problem is they simply have no access to hearing healthcare.

To combat this problem, we put together a team of the best audiologists from around the country. The impact is incredible as their lives are transformed by hearing healthcare.  Restoring hearing restores lives.  Will you join us?

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Our first step is to provide immediate hearing healthcare to those in the local community who need it the most.


The next step is to partner with the local community to train and support hearing healthcare long-term through scholarships, equipment, and building clinics.


With proper education and equipment, local communities have a livelihood to support hearing healthcare.  For patients with limited means, we provide a structure for them to volunteer so they not only experience the gift of hearing but the joy of returning that gift.


“It’s an evolution that’s a real simple one. If they can hear, they learn. If they learn, they can go get educated. If they can get educated, they write their own ticket.”

Syrian Refugee Father

What’s at stake?

In everything Hearing the Call does, we know our work impacts people’s lives in a tangible way, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. See what changes when people can hear.

Feel disconnected from friends and family.

Devalued as a contributor in their community.

Lose out on opportunities for jobs and education.

Children experience limits on precious growth and development life stages.

Hearing continues to deteriorate.

Feel more connected to friends and family.

Empowered to contribute to their community.

Able to pursue better jobs and education.

Children experience the joy of learning and growing.

They feel valued!

Check out these amazing hearing stories:

In Zambia, a 3-year-old’s father said his daughter, Sylvia, was deaf and mute. Testing revealed she had a severe hearing loss, but there was a potential for her to hear. Sylvia was fit with two hearing devices and what happened next left her father speechless. Sylvia spoke for the very first time. She was able to mimic sounds she heard. Sylvia was able to say “mama” and her father now says he has “hope” for his daughter.

In Ecuador, Byron was shy and withdrawn which could easily be seen. His father had been taking the 15-year-old to a psychiatrist. Finally, his family learned Byron suffers from a profound hearing loss. At a clinic in Manta, Bryon received two hearing aids. Within a few minutes, Byron’s demeanor completely changed and he was smiling and very out-going. His mother began to cry and said she is extremely happy. His parents say Byron’s future is now greatly improved and Byron says he is looking forward to doing better in school and listening to rap music.

Esmerelda’s journey started three years ago. In a room filled with tears of joy, the then 14-year-old couldn’t hold back her emotions. Esmerelda struggled with a moderate hearing loss for years. She struggled at home, she struggled at school, and she struggled to make connections. Now with two new hearing aids, Esmeralda is doing well in school and wants to become a teacher as well as help other children with hearing loss. Now, she also volunteers at the hearing clinics to help others understand their hearing aids.

What would it be like if you lost your hearing? When Zulika was 15, she was hit by a car and started to lose her hearing. Her family couldn’t afford to get her help. She couldn’t find her place and had difficulty working. After 13 years, she had part of her hearing restored which meant the world to her. She says “now I have a new life.” She plans to go back to school and possibly work as a paralegal. Zulika says she will be able to help out her mom and dad who have supported her all these years.

What We’ve Done So You Can Help:

Assembled a team of the nation’s top audiologists.

Built a robust network of local partners engaged in their home communities.

Started sustainable hearing healthcare with over 5,000 patients in 7 locations worldwide.